Rock Technical Solutions Signage Is Taking On A New Look

Over the next few weeks Rock Technical Solutions will be fabricating new signage to be erected in our front yard.  This new signage will replace our present signage, giving it a facelift.  George has been designing the new signage over the past few months with in put from his wife Dianne and daughter Laura.  Now that final approval has been given, RTS is on its way to Laser Cutting the company Logo in Stainless Steel Sheets.  The Stainless Sheets will then be rolled, giving a curve to them.  Welding the sheets together will take place and then Red Plexi Glass will be backmounted to the the Laser Cut Logo to highlight the Rock.  This free standing sign will be erected to the top of two posts in a fashion that it will be seen from all directions standing 17 FT high.  Over the next few weeks fabrication of this signage will take place and the RTS will post photos of the final product for all to see.